„Smart eat. Smart economy, that is about circular economy in the production and food consumption”


October 16th, 2017 at the headquarters of the Employers of the Republic Poland in Warsaw held a meeting on the occasion of world food day called "Smart eat. Smart economy, circular economy in the production and food consumption". At the meeting we were able to find out, inter alia, what is the responsible food production, or about the challenges facing the Polish economy towards the circular economy. The debate ended with an interesting summary, which will have a further course in the near future.


Invited attendees were:


The Polish Federation of Food Producers Association of Employers, The Food Industry Enterprise Pepees S.A, Jeronimo Martins Poland S.A, Rekopol Packaging Recovery Organisation S.A, Federation of Polish Food Banks, Sobieski Institute


A supporting partner of the events was: Employers of the Republic of Poland

"The year 2017 - the beginning of health reform and the needs of the Polish Oncology".


In the Centre of Oncology - the Institute of M. Sklodowska-Curie in Warsaw, the conference was held on the occasion of World Cancer Day. “The year 2017 - the beginning of health reform and the needs of the Polish Oncology".


The event was covered by the patronage of the Ministry of Health of Konstanty Radziwill. During the conference, the Minister outlined the main principles of the health reform for the year 2017 with the particular indication of plans to the Polish Oncology.


Guests of the conference included:


Prof dr hab of medical science, Jan Walewski - Director Of The Oncology Centre – The Institute Of Maria Sklodowska-Curie.


Prof dr hab of medical science, Jacek Fijuth, the President Of Polish Society Of Oncology.

The ISiR supports athletes


Understanding the needs and passions of young, active sports people, we decided to meet their expectations and help in fulfilling their dreams and the pursuit of self-realisation.


Taking into account our passion for both, running and mountains, we have decided to support the alpine runner, Natalia Tomasiak, multiple prize winner of the most prestigious awards. Thanks to our struggles we could send the sportswoman to an athlete competition, and we proudly could observe climbing subsequent vertices and overcoming the weaknesses and limitations of the physical.


We gladly support the actions, which motivate and inspire others!

„Participatory Budgeting? What is that? What we don't  know about the civil rights yet ”


In the debate organised by the ISiR the problem of using funds from the participatory budgeting was raised, and how you should implement participatory budgets.


Participatory budgeting, is the process in which residents work and decide together about spending the parts of the budget of the city or district. In this way, residents contribute to the public budget and indicate directions of development of the various areas of public life. The added value of this process is its educational nature – both for the residents (how to construct the budget and the procedures for spending public funds) and the officials (the unique knowledge about the needs of the inhabitants). One of the main characteristics of participatory budgeting should be: transparency of the statute, strictly defined financial means, the discussion of inhabitants, recurrence, binding nature.


The moderator of the meeting was Bartosz Dominiak - blogger, Warsaw Smart City.

Patronage over the debate took the Institute of Public Initiatives and Urban Cooperation.

"Can PR staff seduce journalists?"


The aim of the conference was a shout to engage in the discussion on the cooperation between PR experts and journalists. We also covered the subject of PR "tricks", efficacy, problematic legal regulations in the profession of journalist and PR worker, but we have also discussed the issue of facts and myths rumouring in both industries.


Thanks to the presence of experts and the active participation of the other attendees, we were able to organise interesting event full of important conclusions.


Among the guests were presented: Beata Biel, Jaroslaw Gugala, Anna Janocha, Ilona Klejnowska-Kaminska, Michal Kolanko and Zbigniew Lazar.


Substantive patrons were: 2pr and Public Relations Companies Association, the Polish Society for Public Relations. Media patronage-Brief, media2 pl and Campus 97.1 FM

„ISiR helps those in need through Noble Box Project”


Despite the large volume of personal and professional duties, we try not to forget about the people in need. A long time we were looking for an interesting initiative, through which we can someone really help.


We felt that Noble Box is a good opportunity to the pre-Christmas time to make another a little joy. First, we carefully reviewed the history and needs of one of the Polish families, then the whole team of ISiR with great commitment was completing and packing purchased products.


Awareness that one's Holidays have become a little nicer, tastier and more joyful, thus made our Holidays better!


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