The Institute of Strategy and Development builds a new quality in the implementation of projects.


We specialise in strategic and image consulting. We focus on complete solutions. We create detailed analyses and reports, aimed at providing a complete picture of the business environment, allowing to make the right decisions.


Our key asset is the experience of the team, gained in different areas of the economy and public life. We understand the specifics of the business environment and rules of dialogue. Due to that fact, managing teams can delegate a significant part of the duties to us.

About us


Strategic Consulting

Creation of short-term and long-term brand-building strategy, people, industry. Dissection of the market and competitive environment. Competence in carrying out strategic actions for foreign entities starting business activities in Poland.

Public Relations

The realisation of long-term Public Relations services, the development of the communication strategy, building the image of business entities, personal branding and promotion ideas. Study and formation of the development of any information and educational materials, all forms are being accepted.



Detailed analysis of the situation. Continuous monitoring of the media and social media, alike. Detail oriented study of procedures of the management of crisis situations. Active leading of internal and external communication in the crisis situation.


of Events

Organising activities related to conducting an active communication policy. Comprehensive industry meetings, press conferences, media breakfasts, foreign seminars, occasional events.


Currently, the implementation of effective communication projects requires knowledge and experience of many areas.


Therefore, the People of the Institute are specialists from different fields, collaborating with business partners to propose, and then implement the comprehensive and effective solutions.


The diversity of experience gives the confidence to our partners that they will receive support and advice at the highest level, taking into account all aspects of your project.


We treat each client individually. The ISiR team combines competence and selects tools from various fields of services, makes-to-measure the strategy of the realisation of the project, matching channels of communication, forms of a dialogue conducting and building the alliance.



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